Build your dream job at Sy’ah


y’ah Impex continuously seeks qualified and talented employees with different opinions, perspectives and backgrounds to join our extensive network based all across the country. Though skills set is an important criteria in our recruitment policy it is the individuals “mind sets” that we take keen interest in and then develop the skills we need. Whether you’re just beginning a career or looking for more exciting challenges, Sy’ah Impex has a wide variety of opportunities available.

Opportunities for Students

If you’re passionate, driven and find yourself seeking interesting work, new challenges.

Experienced Candidates

Being passionate about your work is an important factor in finding a job within our company.

Our Hiring Procedure

How Do I Apply?

Experienced Job Seekers

Recruitment of full-time, experienced candidates occurs continuously as new jobs become available.
Search and apply for specific job openings, or provide a career profile to be considered for a broader range of job openings.

Student Job Seekers

Student recruitment takes place during specific months of the year, depending on graduation status. We recruit graduating students for full-time jobs between August and November each year. Internship and co-op candidates are recruited between December and February. It’s very unusual for student jobs to become available at other times.

Students must apply to specific job openings to be considered for employment.
Our student section can help you find job openings and programs that match your course of study and degree level.

Preparing for an Interview

A job interview can be a great opportunity to consider your potential with us and to learn more about our people, culture and business strategies.

Consider the following suggestions as you prepare for an interview:

1. Learn as much as possible about our businesses, values and culture before you meet with us. We like to know that you know who we are, what we stand for, and how your skills and experience may impact our businesses.

2. Identify examples of your successes or applied leadership experiences, including accomplishments, results and lessons learned. Tell us how you feel this would add to your impact if you were hired.

3. Be prepared to ask challenging questions of our team members. They can provide you with important information about how you’ll work with others, how your performance will be measured, and the resources you’ll have to cultivate your potential within our companies.

4. Know what YOU stand for. Tell us about your aspirations and what type of difference you’d like to make in our world.

5. Enjoy your time with us. Use your interview to gain experience, brush up on your interpersonal skills, and learn your own strengths and weaknesses. Our team members enjoy learning new things with every interview we conduct.